An Overview Of The Services Offered By Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio


Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio are needed to help people addicted to illicit drugs and alcohol recover from their illness.  They offer a wide range of services that include short and long term treatment; and recovery programs for people that are affected by the drug menace.






Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio play an integral role in helping the people in the community that are addicted to drugs or alcohol get the proper treatment they need in order to recover and become productive members of society.  In the state of Ohio, there is a burgeoning cocaine and heroin addiction in many of its cities.  According to police data, there is also an increasing number of meth labs all throughout the state.  According to the latest statistical data, cannabis or marijuana is still the most illicitly used drug in Ohio.  It is estimated that there are at least 553,905 cannabis users about 90,768 crack cocaine users and about 5,142 heroin addicts that need treatment.  It is also estimated that in 2012 there would be 69,924 people that will get arrested due to drug or alcohol abuse related offenses.




This is the reason why there is really a need to support and maintain Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio.  The community would be better off if these people get the proper treatment they need in order for them to kick their habit.  Luckily, there are many types of drug rehab centers in the state offering a variety of different services depending on the type, nature and extent of the addiction.  One such center is the Alcohol/Drug/Mental Health Crisis Center Oriana House which offers in residency detoxification treatment to chemical dependents.  They offer a crisis center that provides intensive counseling sessions to addicts at high risk of hurting themselves and others.  They also offer community corrections facility that aims to alleviate overcrowding in prisons by providing an environment that gives accountability to the actions of addicted/inmate by meting out sanctions as needed.




Bassett House Health Recovery Services, Inc. is another Ohio based rehab center that provides both short and long term treatments for adolescents as well as gay/lesbian persons that have concurrent substance abuse problems.  There are also rehab centers that focus on outpatient services by providing intensive after hours counseling so that addicts can still maintain a work schedule.




Other drugs that proliferate in the state include the party drugs like ecstasy and GHB.  These are the ones that are most prevalent in the underground youth scene and are commonly used in rave and college dorm parties.  The problem with this kind of drugs is the fact that when combined with other illicit medications, could form a fatal combination that can lead to instantaneous death of the user.  Prescription medication abuse is another focus of many Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio.  The most common ones abused include Oxycontin and the sleeping & anti-anxiety pill Valium.




Other Drug Rehab Centers in Ohio offer non-traditional methods of kicking the habit.  Some have holistic approaches while others stay with the traditional path and some more have a faith based technique to help in the treatment and recovery. No matter what the approach may be, the most important thing is that there are people in the community that are helping others who are affected by this scourge.  It is important to stress that proper education and guidance of the youth can help drastically reduce the amount of people that need to be treated in these centers.