Drug Rehab Centers in Dover -- Striving Towards a Drug Free Society


Drug Rehab Centers in Dover is in the forefront of the war against drugs which is damaging society. Delaware unfortunately is now among the primary ten states with high drug abuse, according to statistics. The primary cause for concern is the major age group of 18-25 that dominates every category of drug abuse. The need of the hour is to address this alarming problem with immediate action, unlike the present scenario where youngsters topped the list of untreated drug abusers in the year 2006.


Drug Rehab Centers in Dover -- Substance abuse, varieties and statistics.




Marijuana ranks among the most common drug of choice with an all-time high figure of 1813 in 2006, but decreased to a slightly lower level of 1539 in 2010. The dangerous trend of marijuana as a recreational medium among college students needs to be addressed in a sensitive manner.    Heroin comes a close second to marijuana easily available in the northern part of Delaware. Heroin has taken over locations known for availability of crack and cocaine. Rehab centers recorded a count of 1668 patients in 2009, the figure stood at 1529 during November 2010. Cocaine follows a close third, although it is now considered as the second biggest threat in Delaware due to its ongoing usage among all sections of society. The threat of crack looms large over most parts of the country including Delaware with a rampant usage found even among juveniles.


Prescription drugs like codeine, Xanax, Valium and nembutol are also being widely used especially by truck drivers, leading to a record number of fatal crashes influenced by such substances. Drug induced crimes lead to a staggering 3805 arrests in 2009 alone. Drugs lead to a degraded quality of life and ultimately death. The need of the hour is a combined effort by all the Drug Rehab Centers in Dover to focus upon the problem, not in individual capacities, but as a problem for the nation as a whole and cooperate to an extent that can bring this devilish influence under hold.


Drug Rehab Centers in Dover -- methods, treatment and facilities.


The variety of drug rehab centers in Dover offer a number of treatments and facilities which seek to rehabilitate a person into mainstream society. Dover rehab centers do not always focus on treatment of symptoms which can cause a relapse in the near future, thus the problem is acknowledged physically as well as psychologically. This twofold dependence is what causes a person to become an addict. Drug rehab centers will adopt ways and means to treat both sides of the problem using means such as counselling and the usage of medical substances.


Treatment usually begins with an intervention process.  A trained psychologist as well as family members under counsel will in turn seek to counsel a drug addict to come to terms with his condition as opposed to denying the fact of his predicament. Compassion and constant companionship using the help of loved ones and family, work wonders for the emotional state of the patient. Daily counselling sessions ultimately break down the mental walls of non-cooperation in coming to terms with addiction. Drug Rehab Centers in Dover provide facilities for detoxification programs and psychological assistance which helps a person achieve total independence from drugs achieving a strengthened state of mind to cope with his entry into society.


Withdrawal symptoms are usually faced by every addict resulting in bouts of shivering, vomiting stomach cramps etc. Although these are physical symptoms, experts in Dover rehab centers are trained to recognize as evidence has it, that these but physiological needs due to the brains dependence on drugs. Although this is the hardest part of the process, the excellent team of doctors and experienced personnel, work wonders with every patient, helping him through this painful time with love and care.


How to find good Drug Rehab Centers in Dover


There is a variety of Drug Rehab Centers in Dover. There are centers using conventional methods and there are those with a more holistic and spiritual approach like the Christian centers which stress the importance of religion as emotional sustenance and support. The best way to find a good centre is to get information from drug rehab counsellors in the locality. Additional research online will also reveal details about a centre and its facilities.


Be thorough when approaching a center; get acquainted with its methods which should ensure the best of treatment for your patient. It is advisable to enquire about further activities involved in the centre as well. Consult with your family doctor, family and friends who may. Get in touch with patients from the centers themselves or people connected with the centre for their advice.


Drug Rehab Centers in Dover are well equipped to address any problem related to drug addiction and substance abuse so rest assured your loved one and family member is in good hands with a great chance to live the quality of a respected life once more.