Information on Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago


There is a great need for Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago due to the high drug abuse rate present. There is a great deal of gang activity and due to this, there is also a high level of drug sale and distribution. A study conducted by the White House office of National Drug Control Policy has stated that out of other cities, most people arrested in Chicago are likely to test positive for drugs. This report was conducted based on information gathered in 2008. It is truly a major cause for concern for the law makers of this city. This study got its information from the 2008 Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program. It found that since 2007, Heroin abuse is up 45%. In all 10 major cities where this study was conducted on the male arrestees, it was found that the most common drugs were cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines and marijuana. However, in Chicago, it was found that around 40% when tested were found to have at least two of these drugs in their systems.




A great deal of research has gone into finding out the cause of the increase in drug abuse and the relation between crime rates and drugs. As per this study, the state of Chicago, Illinois spends around $179 million on the prevention and treatment of drug abuse. As per the National Drug Intelligence Center in Chicago, Commercial trucks, passenger vehicles, couriers etc. are some of the common points of entry.  In 1997, major drug arrival zones in states such as Florida, California, and New Jersey etc. had a freight shipment of over $42 billion heading for Illinois.




The rates of abuse are quite alarming and as per a study done in 1995 and 1997, the number of heroin and cocaine abusers was 73% in men and 27% in women out of which 31% are between the ages of 18 to 30 and 51% between the ages of 31-40. The abuse of various drugs has led to a great many issues for people and their families. Drug abuse can affect custody battles as well as visitation rights; they affect a person’s social and business life as well. There are a wide range of after effects of drug abuse and thus it is essential to go to one of the Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago. Drug abuse may be due to various reasons such as peer pressure, depression etc.




There are various different types of Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago. They deal with different conditions and some may cater exclusively to a specific group such as teenagers, pregnant mothers, criminals etc. They specialize on the rehabilitation of people and try their best to ensure that once a person is off drugs, they remain off for life. While this is the end goal, no treatment program tries to push for the same. The process has to be done gently and the first step is to reduce the use of these drugs and a person’s dependence on the same




There are various Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago available for those looking to register themselves of their family members. These centers can be found either by contacting hospitals or checking online. It is always easier to find one through the internet as other information such as rates, types of programs, period of inpatient and outpatient treatment etc. Illinois also has a drug rehab centre hotline which can be contacted and they provide information on the needed rehab centre. There is also an online form which a person can fill. Once filled and submitted, people get a response usually within 12 hours. There are various innovative programs offered by Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago such as the ‘Christian Program’ which tries to motivate people using religion. They focus on putting faith in God to aid in the healing process but also offer life application training, intensive counseling and therapy sessions etc either as in or outpatient treatment. The ’12 Step Program’  is used by Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and the belief is that drug addiction is a disease which can be cured by following the support groups principles, affirmation, reinforcement and individual sponsorship. ‘Therapeutic Community’ is for those with a history of criminal activity and drug abuse and this program can last from 1 to 3 years. ‘Dual Diagnosis’ rehabs focus on individuals who have a mental disorder combined by drug or alcohol abuse.




Other popular Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago are ‘Holistic rehabilitation programs’ which use different treatment methods such as yoga, eastern philosophy, acupuncture etc to try and heal a person’s mind, body and spirit and thus reduce their dependence on drugs. While finding these Drug Rehab Centers in Chicago is easy, it is joining a program and committing to it which is difficult. Thus having a support group is a better option for most.